We are an open minded, respectful and non judgemental community. We are here to learn and listen and engage in constructive dialog.

We strive to create a space that helps all students reach the next level of success. In order to make sure this space fosters high-quality discussions and is welcoming to all, we hold our student members to the standards outlined here. We believe if we all adhere to these standards, we’ll be able to create the best community for students out there.

Please review these standards and use them whenever posting or commenting in this space. Keep in mind we follow a ‘three-strikes’ policy for moderation—if we remove three of your posts or comments for violating our community standards, you may lose access to the course. Please note we reserve the right to remove members prior to reaching three strikes when posts are deemed harmful to our community.

Stay respectful. This is a space respectful of what forms your identity, whether it is gender affiliation, skin colour, religious and spiritual beliefs, age group. This is not a political space but We do not tolerate or accept any derogatory and disrespectful language that is divisive and inflammatory.

Stay on topic. Post about your progress, your challenges, resources, feedback—just make sure it’s relevant to others in this group.

Respect everyone’s privacy. We’ll be sharing in this space, so please be mindful of everyone’s privacy. What happens in this space stays in this space. Do not share screenshots that include private information (like someone else’s contact info) within our community, and do not share screenshots from our community elsewhere.

No over zealous self-promotion. It’s essential to the health of our students to feel confident that they won’t be sold to—as such, we strictly enforce a Policy Against Self-Promotion. Do not use this space to promote yourself or your services. When we decided to create the community quality to the school, one thing that came up again and again is that community members do not want to be part of a space where other members promoted themselves too much or made them feel sold to.

Community health. We agree that our community can only be healthy if members feel confident that any advice they get and relationships they form here are unmotivated by the possibility of making a sale, now or in the future. We want it to be about networking, but in a sharing is caring way. Not in a "what can you do for me?" way.

Conducting market research. Do not use this group to share surveys for market research or attempt to identify course creators pain points in order to develop a product.

Responding to questions with offers for your services. While on occasion folks may explicitly ask for a specific service they would like to pay for (and in that case it is ok to respond), please do not respond to questions where other members share their pain points or request information with an offer for your services. Further, please do not prompt members to email you in order to get the answer to their question—if you’d like to share information, do so readily within the community.